Who, what, where… when?

Police officers in Fresno, California made the day of several children on Saturday evening when officers handed out Fireworks for the July 4th celebrations! ??

Officers originally responded to a disturbance call in the area – upon leaving they spoke to a few children who were seen playing. The children said how much they loved fireworks, but couldn’t afford them this year – that’s when Officer Jonathan Denton and Officer Christopher Tarpley drove to a nearby shop to purchase several packs of Fireworks, then returned to the area to hand them out so that the children could enjoy the celebrations!

Officers confirmed that the parents of the children were very appreciative and that the children were very excited! ??

Officer Jonathan Denton and Officer Christopher Tarpley are pictured handing out the Fireworks.
The Fresno Police officers pictures with the children.
A snippet of some of the positive comments posted on the Police departments Facebook page.