We made it… we’ve come along way… we’re now online… (you get the picture), Guys and Girls, young and old, people of the internet……

Welcome to happiness.icu! 🥳🍾🎆


It was a dark, miserable, February evening in 2018, an old work friend came around to help me build a new bed frame I bought, or should I say, to actually build the bed, I didn’t really help him… I literally just watched him… I have no idea about DIY. 😂

Later that evening – we started talking about my love for supporting people who are currently riding through the storms of depression, experiencing hard times and providing motivation. “You should use your audience to put this into motion” (With myself being a vlogger) he said. From that day on, the idea and his words stuck with me, and nearly 2 years later, happiness.icu has now been born.

A vintage looking photo of me sat at my home office in 2018
🔼 February 2018 – photo was taken on the night the above discussion happened!
(Chubby Ben here! 👀)


With this platform providing positive, inspirational and motivational content, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to predominantly stick with social media and YouTube. However, after some months of planning, I decided that a website, a community forum, as well as a social media/YouTube presence, would be the best option for this project due to the type of content being posted. I need to make sure that all avenues have been covered, to attract as many people as possible to build a positive community.

It is my goal to build a positive community, that supports one another, to help bring awareness around all aspects of mental health – to inspire, motivate and to open discussions.

If you have any queries, feedback or just want to say hello, please hit the contact button, which is located at the bottom of every page page.

Thank you for visiting – I really hope the website makes you feel a certain way. ❤️